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If you have used the older package called pfBlocker you’ll want to install this package on 2.2+ as it has a built in updater to keep the Geo IP database current.  Available from System \ Packages

2017-11-07 – BBCan177 has launched along with a patreon campaign to help further develop the project.

Full thread about the update is

IP address suppression and reputation system

Duplication removal

Alerts tab shows what has been blocked

If you are having issues removing pfBlocker a script is available that will clean up any remaining pfBlocker code.  This is very useful if you restored to a previous config that was made while pfBlocker was installed.

Another script to help build your blocklists has been created here this will populate your IPv4 alias\list config with many free publicly available block lists.

Other blocklists worth mentioning are created a video on pfBlockerNG called PfSense 2.2.x Packages – PfBlockerNG – Next Generation

@laskow26  has made an overall tutorial of the DBNL features in pfBlockerNG

Note: pfBlocker is for pfSense 2.1.x and pfBlockerNG is for 2.2.x these are two different packages by different developers.

DShield \ Internet Storm Center pfSense client

Johannes B. Ullrich, Ph.D. from SANS ISC has put together  an experimental PHP script to submit logs from pfSense to DShield.

Download available here